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Dry Season Supplements

Poor fertility and high death rates are a common problem of breeder herds in the dry tropics of northern Australia.

Supplements which contain a high proportion of non-protein nitrogen i.e. urea, are designed to maintain the animal’s condition when pasture crude protein levels fall. Urea stimulates the growth of the animal’s rumen microbe population, allowing greater utilisation of the available pasture.

LNT Uramol® is an 86% protein (30% urea) and 3.6% phosphorous block and has been used successfully as a dry season supplement in northern Australia for more than forty years.

Extensive trials have shown strategic supplementation of breeders during the dry with LNT Uramol® followed by supplementation with LNT Phosrite® during the wet, will generally improve herd fertility significantly.

LNT Uramol® is suitable for:
  • Breeding cattle
  • Replacement Heifers
  • Growing Cattle
  • Sheep
LNT Uramol® features include:
  • High urea content to increase intake of mature fibrous feed
  • Balanced levels of phosphorous, plus macro and micro minerals
  • A Hard formulation for controlled intakes
  • Low risk and convenient method for urea supplementation
LNT Uramol® supplementation may result in:-
  • Significant increases in pregnancy rates.
  • Significant reduction in breeder mortality.
  • Increases in weaning weights.
  • Increases in steer live weight gains.

20kg, 40kg and 100kg

Trail Results - Please contact LNT for more information relating to LNT Uramol® trial data.

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LNT Boost

LNT Boost® is a palatable block containing 35% protein, macro and trace minerals for weaner, growing and breeding cattle, sheep and goats.

LNT Boost® contains an optimal blend of bypass protein and urea with molasses to provide a high performance production supplement.

The LNT Boost® has been specifically formulated to provide graziers with a lower urea, block supplement alternative. While over many years, LNT Boost® has built a strong reputation as a highly effective weaner block.

LNT Boost® is suitable for:
  • Weaner Cattle
  • Replacement heifers
  • Growing cattle and breeders on green or maturing feed
  • Sheep
  • Goats
LNT Boost® features:
  • Palatable block used to introduce young stock to supplementation
  • Contains both urea and true protein
  • Weather resistant block
  • Low Salt to encourage intake
  • Presentation

    20kg, 40kg and 100kg

    Trial Results - Please contact LNT for more information relating to LNT Boost® trial data.

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    Wet Season Supplements

    LNT Phosrite

    The Wet season in Northern Australia usually represents the most productive time of the year for graziers. Cattle usually perform at their best during this period due to vastly improved grazing conditions compared with the dry season.

    However, phosphorus deficiency is one of the most limiting factors to beef cattle production during the Wet Season in Northern Australia where most of the region is naturally deficient.

    To help manage these deficiencies in northern Australia, LNT has produced wet season supplement, LNT Phosrite®.

    LNT Phosrite® is a 45% protein and 5% phosphorous block for cattle grazing high volumes of green or maturing feed on phosphorous deficient country.

    LNT Phosrite® is suitable for:

    • Breeding cattle
    • Replacement heifers
    • Growing cattle on phosphorous deficient soils
    • Sheep
    LNT Phosrite® features:
    • High phosphorous and mineral content to build or replenish reserves in breeder cattle or replacement heifers
    • Suitable for green or dry pasture
    • Weather resistant block- best positioned before the wet while country is still accessible
    • Hard consistency to regulate intakes


    Download Spec Sheet (PDF)